Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's 4:43 a.m. (Tuesday Night/ Wednesday Morning) at "Cinema One" in Chattanooga, TN

We've been here sincce 9 pm. Everybody said this place was crazy popular, but I've only made abouy 20 boi's cum. It's really laid back here though. The guy at the front desk fucked Madysin about 2 hours ago, and he's been cool with anything we wanted to do.

Madysin is in the other room with the gay boi's (which seems to be alot more popular here), and haven't seen her in, well, fuck, i dunno,...hours. Everytime I walk in there somebody is fucking her, so I've been in here playng with my kitty and making boi's cum when they walk in. I'd tried to take pics, but it's so dark the only thing that shows is  the screen.

Just went outsidee and got my blanky and pillow, and laying down on the floor in front of the screen. The guy said it was cool and he'll be here till 10. It's cold outside, but I'm all warm and snuggy on the floor next to a vent. Porn is loud but im so fucked up I can hardly keep my eys open

Really fucked up and about to pass out, but the door slams when somebody walks in, so I'm sure I'll at least make another 10 boi's cum b4 the sun comes up.

I can hear Mady on the other side of this wall while I'm typing this. Moaning her nasty ass off, hehe.

figured I'd post while I was bored,..been like 25 minutes, i wish somebody wold walk in and use me.

If you are in the Chatanooga area and wanna use us, we'll be here for another 6 hours at least.

The place is called Cinema One, and the address is 4100 Rossville Blvd if you wanna come fuck either one of us. If I'm passed out, you don't have to wake me up, but I usualy do.

Im gonna fuck myself some more and wait for more cum <3


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Found this on our car

Nobody ever really talks during a gangbang,..except to say "get on your knees...", or, "swallow this cum", etc. Found this under our windshield wiper after our Christmas Day Gangbang. <3 Thank you anonymous stranger who came inside one of us, we had a good time too!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Custom Video's - What do you want to see?

We've been making lots of videos over the past couple months. Saving it all for the website,..which is taking longer to finish than I had first thought.

Anyway, I had an idea I wanna test out. We have 4 gangbangs scheduled for December, and will be in hotels and XXX Bookstores almost every night. I thought I'd offer to make Custom Video's for people who are interested.

Everybody that reads our Blog knows what kinda nasty sluts we are, so I'm up for ideas if you are interested.

I could write anything you wanted on Madysin's body, anywhere you wanted it. . Any type of fetish video you could think of.

Wanna see Me let 20 guys cum inside my ass? Or feed me 20 loads back-to-back? Wanna see 3 men take turns punch fisting Madysin? Or pissing on her, or in her?  Like I said, Im up for ideas.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Madysin's Satanic Gangbang

    { The night before, I had let 5 men use me at little hole-in-the-wall bar on the riverfront. The owner uses me on a regular basis.  He called me around 3 a.m., and asked if he and a few friend could take turns fucking me. They had been drinking, doing coke, and needed a bitch to release energy and cum into. They picked me up, and spent 3 hours taking turns fucking me on the pool table.  After a few hours, they decided they wanted to watch me swallow their cum, so I layed sideways on the pool table while the first man fed me his cock. Another one of them got behind me, grabbed a billiard ball from the table return, spit on it, and forced it in my ass. As soon as it disappeared, he reached for another one, then another, then another. I could feel my insides stretching, and started to moan under my breath. I could feel cum spilling inside my mouth, and knew I was being a good girl! They took turns cumming inside my mouth, and when all of them were done I was allowed to swallow. They got dressed, and the owner drove me home and fed me more cum on the way. When I got home, I could hear Allysin moaning from the bedroom, so I took my heels off and tippy-toed downstairs. I layed back on the floor, and started to push the billiard balls out of me onto the floor. I jerked my little dick while they popped out of me, and unloaded on the floor. I licked it up and passed out. I woke up to Allysin kneeling over my face and yelling "open!", pushing cum out of her asshole from whoever had just used her. When she was done, I went back to sleep on the floor.}

    I woke up around 6 p.m., and immediatly got butterflies in my stomach! Today was the day! It took me a second to remember why there was a cum-covered set of billiard balls layed beside me. I was really nervous. I didn't know exactly what to expect, so I started getting fucked early! I decided it would be better to concentrate on cum, rather than worry about what was about to happen to me. I ran my bath water,  took my premarin, testosterone blockers, along with my usual combination of goodies, and chased them down with Cuervo Silver. I layed and watched the bubbles fill the tub, looking at my toenails (Hot Barbie Pink, with black glitter pentagrams. I had gotten them done just for tonight!). After about 6 more shots I started to feel really good! The tequila was dissolving the pills in my stomach, and all I could think about was earning more cum!
    I finished my makeup and dressed in the oufit that had been layed out for me. black fishnet stockings, black and pink stiletto heels, black lace and chiffon skirt, and a black corset with a pink pentagram in the center. A thick black collar with a heavy buckle,  matching leash,  black kitten wig with ears. I got dressed, took another handful of "I wanna get fucked up out f my mind", and fucked myself until it was time to go.

    When it was time, Allysin taped my mouth shut, put my leash on, and led me to the car. She opend the back door, and I jumped in on all 4's.  For the next 45 minutes, I sat in the backseat and fucked myself while she talked to people on the phone.  After about 30 minutes, we pulled down a country road, drove for about 10 minutes, then came to a smaller gravel road.  As we pulled down the road we could see lines of cars parked in the grass, and then, an old stone church. Men were outside in small groups, talking, and watching as we pulled in front of the church. Allysin got out of the car, and walked up to speak with the man who had arranged this. They talked for a few minutes, kissed, and walked towards me.  She got back behind the wheel while he opened the door, and pulled me out of the car by my leash. She pulled away almost immediatly, and I was alone. Men gathered around me, asking questions about me as if i wasn't there. Nobody was speaking to me directly at all.

    People were still arriving while the group crowded around me. I could feel fingers all over me. I could tell they didn't care if I wanted this or not, and I loved it! My blood was coursing with xanax, speed and tequila, and was starting to have a hard time standing up straight, and so much estrogen that all I wanted was cum! I was having trouble thinking clearly, but felt my leash being pulled so I followed. They led me into the church, and into the santuary.  The room was open, with long wooden benches in the back. The floor was dark grey cobblestone, with a large pentagram in the center of the floor. In the center of the pentagram, there was a stone slab that looked as if it had been used to hold coffins during wakes or funeral services. There were iron loops at each corner of the slab that were obviously for restraints. I was led over to the stone slab, I crawled on top, and my leash was tied to one of the iron rings. The men began talking to each other again as if I wasn't there, and looking at there watches.

    After about 20 minutes the room had filled, and I heard the heavy wooden doors shut and latch.  Everybody took a seat in the back,.. except for one man. He walked to the slab where i was, stood behind me, and began chanting, and praying in a different language. Occasionally the crowd would repeat certain words, all at the same time. I didn't know what they were saying, and didn't really care. Then, the speaker pulled me off the slab, and bent me over it. He tied my hands together, stretched them out in front of me tightly, and tied them to the slab so i couldn't move them. Then he spread my knees apart, scraping them on the floor, and tied them down too.  I couldn't move at all. He stood behind me, chanting, and I saw another man walk up to him with a short leather whip. He stood behind me chanting, and beating me as hard as he could. He whipped me for what seemed like forever. I cried , and tried to scream, but the tape was preventing any real noise. After awhile, I couldn't feel anything but burning. My ass was throbbing, but I couldn't move an inch. When the beating stopped, men started to gather closer, around the pentagram. They were taking off their pants, and passing around a bottle of lube and playing with their cocks. Finally, I felt the first man position himself behind me! He shoved his cock inside me, and fucked me while other men touched all over me, slapping their dicks on my face and spitting on me. The man inside me started to shake, and I could feel his cum firing inside me. He pulled out, and another man took his place. They weren't taking their time, and all they seemed to care about was cumming inside me. One after another they fucked me, and came inside me. I could feel it dripping down my limp cock and down my legs. Some of them were kissing each other, and sucking each other off so that they could shoot another load inside me. I heard the Church doors open again, then slam, and the loud steps of hooves. All the men seemed excited as the bull walked down the center isle. As the bull walked up, I started to wiggle and shake my ass in the air, like i was trying to fuck the slab i was tied to. "I think she wants it to fuck her", one of the men said. "I'm up for it, but it would fucking kill her, haha", another man replied. "As long as the seed mixes inside her, I don't fucking care", the speaker replied. They walked the bull to the slab, then half way over the slab (and me), positioning his cock above my body. They placed a silver bowl underneath me, between my legs, and began to push the bull against my ass  to get it aroused. I could feel it growing behind me, and something wet dripping on my ass,..the men were all whispering among each other. "It's hard, put it inside her, and make sure everything that gets pushed out is caught in the bowl", the speaker said loudly.

    I felt the huge ,stiff cock bouncing on my ass cheeks. I heard the bull snort and could feel him moving while they lubricated his cock. They bent his cock towards my ass, and pushed him forward. His cock was rock hard, and it ripped inside me with no probem at all. I should have just made him cum with my mouth, what the fuck did I do! I screamed and shook my head saying "No",...but nobody cared. The bulls cock was deep inside me, but I still couldn't feel its balls on my ass, I knew there was more! They pushed him again, and he went almost twice as deep. I could feel that I had been ripped inside,..I knew I was bleeding..but nothing I could do about it! I could feel his balls now as he started to lunge into my body!  Everytime he pushed his cock inside me, I could feel the tip of his cock inside my ribcage,  like being torn apart from the inside. The 700 lb. bull started to speed up, grinding my cock and thighs into the stone block I was bent over, scraping them bloody with every push. He started to snort and spasm,....then I felt it! His first spurt of cum shot inside me, and it felt like a gallon lava being pumped inside me, and at this point I was into it! I bucked against him, tightening what was left of my asshole over beast's cock. When he was done, he pulled himself off of me, and a river of mixed cum poured out of my body.  Men stood behind me, catching it in the bowl, and punching their fists inside me. "Can you fucking beleive this?! Watch", one of the man laughed as he easily slid his arm inside me. "The cum has to be inside her. We should have stuck to the original plan, look at all that!", the speaker said in a raised voice. "Bring the bowl to the altar, and place it in front of the whore", the speaker commanded and he ripped the tape off of my mouth. The bowl was laid under my mouth, and there was no blood! My whole attitude changed! I leaned down and started lapping up the cum like kitty drinking milk while the men behind me fisted me, still seing if they could hurt me. I drank everything in the bowl, and licked the bottom, and cleaned it completely. Everybody cheered and laughed, and they were really happy about a successful ceremony. My restraints were cut, and they started playing music (mostly classic rock) and drinking. It turned into a party, and they supplied all kinds of party favors! I spent the rest of the night on my knees, letting men feed me and seed me when they were horny again. I spent almost an hour earning another load from the bull, but everybody loved watching! He was kinda spent, and it took me awhile to get him hard again, but eventually he popped in my mouth, and I swallowed every drop. The room was starting to spin, so I layed back down on the slab to fuck myself. I was tying to get my worthless cock hard enough to cum, but it was useless. Men would randomly step up, shove their cock in me, cum, and walk away while I tried. My feet were in the air, and I was looking at my sexy heels when somebody stepped up and started to fuck me. He was a big guy, clean shaved, and a nice cock. He fucked me for about 2 minutes, but started to go soft. "What's wrong daddy?", I asked in a baby voice. "I have to piss really bad, I'll be right back", he replied.  "Just piss inside me,...don't stop fucking me", I whispered back.  It took him a second, but eventually I felt small, hot bursts stinging my raw insides. "Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck yeeeesss", he groaded as loud as he could. His piss filled my insides until my body couldn't hold any more, and it started dripping out of my ass each time he went all the way inside me. He came inside me, and mixed it with his piss,...but others were interested at this point. I was still playing with my worthless cock, trying to cum, while men took turns pissing inside me. Each time somebody pulled out of me, a splash would hit the floor. I started cryng and begging outloud that I needed to cum, writhing on the slab, thinking about how nasty I had been,...and somebody came to help!  He walked up with a metal baseball bat, and shoved it inside me! I bent my legs back to my head and gave him full access to fuck me as hard as he could. Another man stepped up and jacked off in my mouth, and face. I spent time tasting it, feeling this evil strangers cum in my mouth,..thinking about all the cum swimming inside me. My cock started to stiffen, and I could feel I was getting close! I started begging and screaming, pushing against the bat inside me, trying to hurt myself and make my cock work! "Ahhhhhh fuuuuuuck yeeessss hurt me I'm gonna cuuuum", I yelled. I jacked my cock with both hands, and shot all over them. I took turns cleaning my cum off of each hand until i was done, let my legs fall, and passed out.

I woke up to Allysin smacking me. I still couldn't think straight. Men had obviously jacked off on my face, mouth and body while i was asleep,..dried cum was all over me.  I passed out again, but woke up when Ally yanked the bat out of my body. Cum started to flow out of me, and as I turned around to lick up the mess, she pulled my leash and walked me to the car. I curled up in a ball, and passed out again.

Sorry it took me so long to write about this, It took me a couple weeks to heal, and when i was done healing I had a long list of men who needed to use me.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nasty Sluts! (Aug. 19th & 20th)

 I have been so busy for the past few days that I haven't had a chance to post! I am going to make Madysin write about what happened last weekend, and I'll post the story as soon as it's done!

I had a great time Sunday night while Madysin was being used by the Coven! I dropped Mady off in Columbus at 10:15, and pulled up at the Rest Area at about 10:45 (pm). Once I was parked, I opened a pint of tequila, and started taking shots (among other things, lol). While I was drinking, trucks were filling the back parking lot, and men walked in and out of the showers. I put my purse in the trunk, put my key in the magnet box, and stuck it under the car. I wore a short black skirt, fishnets, 5" black heels, and a black lace longsleeve over a black lace bra,..nothing under my skirt.
I walked back to the picnic tables that lined the back lot, sat down on the top corner of a table, and sparked up. I already saw a half-dozen men looking, smoking,....looking at me while I smoked. Two men were standing at the rear bumper of a truck, looking at me and whispering to each other,...smiling. I lifted the side of my skirt and started playing with my pussy,...grinding against the corner of the table. They whispered to each other for a minute, and watched while I fucked the corner of the table. One of them waved for me to come over, so I pulled down my skirt, and walked into the back lot. I felt lots of eyes on me at this point, and it was making my pussy really wet! I walked up to the two men, and they started rubbing on my body without really speaking (except for mumbling things;  "sexy bitch", "daaaaamn", "look at that ass", etc etc). "Anybody out here tonight wanna fuck!?", I said raising my voice. One of the men grabbed my arm, and led me toward his truck. He opened the door, and looked at me as if he was saying "Ladies first", so I jumped in the cab, and crawled into the bed in back. I bent over on all 4's, pulled up my skirt, and said, "You can fuck my ass or my pussy, just make sure you feed me your cum or cum inside me!". He didn't say anything, but I could hear his pants unzipping behind me. He spit on his cock, and started jabbing his cock between my legs, seeming not to care which hole he fucked. I felt his cock slide inside my pussy, and he started moaning. He fucked me for about 5 minutes, slowing down then speeding back up. He grabbed both my thighs and started to moan while he shot inside me, "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yes you feel good girl!" I kept bucking back against his cock until I could feel it had stopped spitting inside me, "Thank you", I whispered.
As I climbed out of the truck I heard a voice calling, "Hey sexy! Come're for a second!". He was a younger guy, cute, so I walked over to him. The man who had just fucked me closed the door behind me, and went back to talking to his friends. The new stranger was smoking as I walked up to him. I leaned up against the truck, and started rubbing his cock thru his jeans. He didn't seem to be shy at all! He pulled his cock out, grabbed my hair, and started forcing me on it (love it when guys are rough!). I got down on my knees in the gravel, and he fucked my throat while everybody watched. He pulled out, jacked off in my mouth, and some of the men watching started to clap and talk loud! "Hey, I'm next!", "When's my turn?", "I want seconds!", etc etc. I spent the next 4 hours going from truck to truck letting men take turns using me (17 men actually). Around 1:15 I was sucking cock while 2 others watched (waiting for their turn), and I was feeling good (truckers have the best party favors, lol). One of the men who had fucked me earlier walked over to us just as the cock in my mouth started to shoot, "2 troopers just pulled in the front lot ya'll", he said in a low tone. Everybody scattered,...except one of the men who had been waiting his turn. His name was Shawn, he was a black guy in his mid thirties, and really nice! He grabbed my arm and pulled me up as I was pushing cum off my face into my mouth. "You like strip clubs girl?", he asked while walking me fast towards his truck. "I fucking love them, whatcha got in mind?", I asked. "I know a couple sluts at a strip club in Indianapolis, freaky bitches like you, I ain't tryin' to fuck with no cops,...wanna come?", he asked while climbing into his truck. "I'd love to!", I said. I got into the bunk behind the cab, and played with my kitten while we pulled out of the Rest Area. "There they are,..prolly just on break", Shawn said as we merged into I-65 traffic.

We pulled up at the Quality Inn alittle before 2:00 (am), there was a strip club right next door (the Classy Chassy), and the place was packed! We parked, Shawn walked in the hotel, and rented a room. His phone was ringing every 2 minutes! Friends of his, girls working next door, people late-night scouting for fun and party favors, etc,...he seemed to be a popular guy! We walked in the room, I started re-doing my makeup, and he started to break out lines on the nightstand. We sat, drank, kissed, and took turns cleaning up the nighstand, line after line. There was a knock on the door, and in walked two of his friends who had been at the strip club for the past few hours. I knew the girls across the street had been teasing them all night,... I could see their hard cocks through their jeans. "Damn girl. What are you getting into tonight?", one of the men asked. "Me?,...I just wanna get fucked", I said, running my hand down my thigh to my heels. "You like black dick bitch?", he asked as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge, half-hard cock. I didn't answer, I rolled over on the bed and started licking and kissing all over his beautiful black cock, taking as much of it down my throat as I could. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, slapped it on my face a few times, and got behind me on the bed. He shoved his cock inside me like he was trying to hurt me, slamming into me and pulling all the way out. Shawn and his friend watched in silence, smoking. "No nooo, shhhhh ,..slow down bitch...", the man inside me moaned. Like a good slut, I started to grind myself back on his cock faster, and I could feel him emptying inside me. He sank his cock inside me as far as he could, and I could feel pulses of cum hitting the back of my cunt. He pulled out of me, and a stream of cum hit the bed. "Lemme get seconds on that bitch", his friend said while getting on the bed behind me. He jammed his cock into me, forcing the rest of his friends cum up into my body. He fucked me for about 5 minutes, unloaded inside me, and got up without ever really talking to me.

Shawn's friends left, and we walked next door to the Classy Chassy. 

The place was packed! The entire place smelled like perfume, cum, and money. We walked to the bar, ordered a couple drinks and exchanged a 100 for 100 singles. We walked to a back stage, and sat down in front of a girl named Alexa. She was wearing purple heels, a purple plaid skirt, and black fencenet stockings, nothing else, and Shawn seemed to know her. "Alexa, this is Allysin,.....Allysin, this is Alexa", said Shawn as he took his shot. "Nice to meet you Allysin, your sexy as fuck!", Alexa said while spreading her legs in front of me, and dangling her legs off the stage. "You too baby! You're a bad bitch!", I replied while tucking a wad of ones into her stocking seam, running both of my hands back down her legs. She grabbed my hands, pulled me out of my chair, and locked her lips on mine. I ran my hand back between her legs, and started rubbing her clit while we made out,..everybody was watching! Alexa started to dance again as the men were flocking to her stage, throwing singles nonstop. I was still standing up looking at Alexa, and a cute young black man  stole my seat! So...I looked at him, smiled, and sat on his lap! I could feel his cock scraping against his pants. "Why don't you tip my friend on stage, and let me make you cum", I whispered into his ear. He wadded up 2 20's, and threw them on the stage. Alexa looked at me and smiled, rubbing her pussy as I reached under my skirt and unzipped his pants. I lifted up and pushed myself down on his dick, bouncing on it and never breaking eye contact with Alexa. Everybody could see I was getting fucked, but she fucking loved it! It only took a couple minutes before I felt this black strangers cum pumping into my kitten. He pushed me up, pulled his cock out of me, and disappeared. As I was pulling down my skirt, another black stranger threw a 20 on the stage, grabbed my arm, and led me to the men's bathroom. When we got in the bathroom, 2 men were in there smoking from a glass pipe, and seemed startled that we had walked in. I got down on all 4's in front of them, lifted my skirt, and looked at the 2 men in front of me smoking. "Can I hit that?", I asked them as the black man behind me pulled down his pants. "Umm, yeah, sure", one of them said. He lit the pipe and put it to my lips as the black dick entered my ass. I inhaled as I pushed myself back on his cock, stretching my asshole around it. I felt lightheaded and great! The two white strangers in front of me pulled out there cocks, and I started taking turns sucking them while the man behind me pounded himself into my ass. "You ready baby? You ready?", the man behind me begged as he released his babies in my ass. "Ahhhhh fuck, mmmmm! Thanks baby", he said as he squeezed the remaining cum into my body. I heard him pull up his pants and walk out. The white guy in front of me started to ooze precum after seeing this, and his friend got behind me and started fucking my asshole. He unloaded in my ass just as his friend was feeding me his cum. They zipped up, and disappeared. Before I could get off my knees, 2 more men walked in the bathroom, and started switching off between my ass and pussy. Then another man walked in, then two more, then two more, then another,...the bathroom was getting full! I stayed on my knee's, and didn't bother looking behind me. I just arched my back and put my ass in the air. Men took turns using my mouth, ass and kitten till the club closed! Even the bouncer who came back to clear out the bathroom, used my ass and came inside me before kicking me out! I stumbled out of the club just as Alexa was pulling out of the Parking Lot. "Hey girl! Need a ride?", she asked. "Yes! thank god!", I replied jumping in her car. "Candy first though!", she giggled while breaking out lines on a CD case. "You're awesome", I giggled back! "I figure I at least owe you that! You prolly made me $300 in tips!", she explained. When we had cleaned the lines off the CD case, we started to kiss and rub all over each other. We crawled into the back seat, kissed, and licked all over each other. She laid down with her head against the backdoor, and spread her legs. I kissed, fingered, licked and made out with her cute little kitten, listening to her whimper. She kicked off one of her heels, and tucked her foot under my pussy, and played with my clit with her little toes. I pushed down, and started to fuck her foot, moaning and making love to this strippers nasty, sexy little pussy. Just then, Shawn opened the back door, her head fell, and he started feeding her his dick. He lasted about 4 pumps before he pulled out and sprayed thick cum all over her face. I could feel her pussy gushing over my fingers, and her body twitching, grinding her foot into my kitten. She raised up, giggling, cum dripping from her face, and started to kiss me. I licked the huge streaks of cum from her face while we kissed, and I could feel I was about to cum! "heeelp *whimper* mee *whimper* cuum. pleeease! *whimper* fuuuckk meee", I begged. She leaned back, arched her foot, and started kicking it into my body while I screamed! Her foot ripped into my pussy, and all I could see was her ankle! I sprayed cum and piss all over our bodies, it seemed to last forever! She pulled her foot out of my body, releasing a stream of strangers cum all over the seat. I leaned down and licked up the puddle, and the cum hanging from her tiny little toes.

She drove me back to my car at the Rest Area, and we exchanged phone numbers.

It was almost daylight when I got back to my car. I napped for about 45 minutes, and then drove to pick up Madysin in Columbus. When I got there they were loading the Bull onto a truck (guess they really did have a bull, lol), and Madysin was laying in the middle of the floor, dried cum all over her. There was a baseball bat half length inside her, and she was out cold! I shook her to wake her up, and without opening her eyes, she started bucking backwards against the bat, grinding into it,...then passed out again. I pulled out the bat, put a leash on her, and pulled her on all 4's to the car. Two men from the Coven who I had met before walked up to the car, thanked me, and gave me $250. "What's this for?", I asked. "Just saying thanks, and for any incidentals", he said walking away. "Incidentals, like what!?", I asked? "Well, she is going to be bruised very badly, and we may have torn her open inside,..dunno", he answered. "Doesn't matter really, but glad you enjoyed!", I said getting in the car.

We drove home, and both slept for 2 days! Madysin was bruised everywhere, but no serious damage inside!



Monday, August 20, 2012

Swallow! You Worthless Bitch! Swallow!!!

  The Gangbang at the Coven Sordibus is in less than 2 days! I've been training Madysin by letting men piss down her throat, or on the floor, and making sure her tummy can handle it. I usually only let men use her ass, but The Coven was very clear about swallowing piss and cum at the ceremony,..and keeping it down! I only invited 6 men over last night, but each one emptied their entire bladder down her throat! Her mouth closed over each cock, and gulped down every drop! Perfect! I'll be inviting guys over to piss and cum down her throat until she leaves for the gangbang. While the Coven is using Madysin, I'll be at the I-65 rest area all night (20 mins South of Indy), jumping from cab to cab letting truckers use me. Last time I spent the night at a rest area I was busy all night! Radio chatter kept truckers pulling over all night!


Friday, August 10, 2012

"Pink Sissy Kitten" Madysin

Took these pics of Madysin yesterday when I dropped her off at Red Roof Inn. It's been 4 days since she has been available for public use, and the emails were piling up! So many men were offering tips,...had to put her to work, lol. Our list of "regulars" is getting huge! I'm going to pick her up on Sunday morning so she can sleep, and then it's my turn! We've basically been taking shifts for the past 3 months,..never thought we'd have so many people in our phone! It's fucking awesome! I may start dressing Madysin as a NekoSissy more often,...way sexier,.. men fucking love it!       ~ Allysin

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Satanic Gangbang of Madysin (August 22nd, 2012)

 Madysin @ Candlewood Suites

Madysin has been invited by the Coven Sordibus to be the "Ritual Vessel" in what they call the "Ceremony of Defilement". They way it was explained to me today, the Coven Sordibus is not a Satanic Church, but a Temple to the Demon Asmodeus (the satanic demigod of lust,whores,sluts and sexual deviants). I don't believe in religion of any kind,...but what a fun religion, lol. They explained the ceremony, and supposedly over 30 members have already confirmed. They believe the living embodiment of Asmodeus is a male bull, and apparently they have a bull...

The men will take turns filling the "belly of the whore" with their seed while "she" plays with the bulls cock, eventually making him cum in a silver bowl, and lapping it up while the men finishing cumming in her ass. The idea behind it is,... the seed of the worshipers and the seed of the demon meet in the middle and join, the belly of a whore. If I believed in religion, this would be mine! lol! The Coven has female and male members,...but this is a purely male event. According to them, crossdressers, transsexuals, and hermaphrodites have always been used for this purpose (to play the role of the whore, but maintain a purely male event). They made it very clear that this ritual will sacrifice Madysin's soul to the demon Asmodeus, and donate her body to the sins of lust (I explained most of this as it was explained to me).

My thoughts? We don't believe in any of that anyway, and Madysin wants to do it baddd, so, I wrote them back a few days ago and accepted (on Madysin's behalf, lol). I invited 3 members to our house last night so I could actually meet some of them in person, and they seem really cool. Fun, kinky, and very sexual, us, lol. One of them was really cute (tattoos!), and it took me like 5 minutes before I was sucking his cock, lol. Madysin was in the bedroom fucking herself on webcam, and I invited them to go use her,...which they did. They fucked us, left in about 30 minutes, seemed really cool, and the whole thing is really hot, Madysin is fucked! Lol, jk, she can't wait! I wish I could see it in person, but they are going to film it.

Like I said, we don't believe in any of that anyway, but they didn't seem to care when we told them that. So what if Madysin doesn't have a soul anymore, can't fuck a soul, lol. I'd do it if it were offered to me! Besides, if they need a sissy whore to cum in,..what better whore than Mady?!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Allysin is her Daddy's Personal Cumslut

I dropped Madysin off at Theatair X (in Clarksville, IN) at about 2 p.m. (7/30/2012), came home. I was getting ready to start inviting men over to use me, and the doorbell rang. It was my father, and he was upset, crying and half drunk. He has been with the same woman for almost 4 years now, and she knew/knows nothing about our past or my lifestyle. When they got together he made me promise to never say anything, I never did. Birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day, etc,....we just acted like a regular father and daughter.

Anyway, he came in and saw how I was dressed, but I quickly changed the subject. We watched alittle T.V., while we talked, and I kept telling him how he is better off without her, he can do better, etc etc. Even though I wanted to get used really bad, I let him vent and talk. He never made a move, so I assumed that part of his life was behind him,...and figured he didn't see me like that anymore. After a few hours I talked him in to going home, and going to sleep. When we got to his house I walked him to the door, and we hugged goodbye, but while we were hugging he started to kiss my neck and rub his hand underneath my skirt.


I went into my regular mode, and we started to kiss. We walked into the house, and straight to the den. I laid back on the couch, pulled my panties to my knees, and bent over for him. He smacked my ass while he played with his cock to get it hard,..telling me what a good slut I grew up to be. After about 2 minutes, his cock was hard and I felt the tip rubbing against my clit. As he slid it in me I almost instantly started to quiver and cum! I had been missing this! I make myself cum all the time thinking about his cock inside me!

He only lasted like 3 minutes because I started running my nasty fucking mouth,..which I should have thought about beforehand. "Cum inside your little girl Daddy!", "Put a baby in me just like you did with Mommy!", "Your baby girl grew up to be a nasty slut!", etc. Just as he started fingering my asshole with his thumb, I could feel jets of hot cum spraying into my womb. He moaned a few times, and pumped slowly as he squeezed the last of his nut inside me. When he pulled out of me I tried to kiss him again,...but he wasn't in that kinda mood anymore, lol. I told him I loved him, and went home to invite more guys over like I had planned.

I called him today to ask him how he was, and she was over there talking to him. I kinda hope they don't get back together,..but they prolly will. Love being filled with the same cum that made me,...dunno if anybody else can understand that, lol.

This happened last night. I guess instead of explaining what happened, I coulda wrote another story,...but I'm a fucking slut,...not a writer <3



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

XXX Theaters & Bookstores

Can anybody help? We are trying to find the biggest, best, most popular xxx bookstores and theaters! Preferably one with a motel/hotel next door (or built-in). I know there are ALOT of sleazy red light districts out there (strip clubs, spa's, adult bookstores, xxx theaters, bars, underground clubs, etc), and I wanna know which ones we should visit. Anybody?


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bye Bye Chicago *sniffle*

Great fucking trip! 9 days solid! We finally locked our doors at 10:30 a.m. this morning. Spent the next hour assfucking each other with our double ended toy, and making ourselves cum while people knocked on the door (men who were too late, and housekeeping). I made Madysin's totally soft dick cum 3 times, and fed it to her each time. I pulled the toy out of us, got between her legs, and licked up everything that had drooled out of us. She lifted up her cock, and started to jack off again while I french kissed her beaten, raw asshole. As she started to push, a steady flow of clear, old, leftover cum started to ooze down into my mouth. When Mady's ass finished draining down my throat, I straddled her face. She opened her mouth to fit over my asshole, and I quickly pushed out everything inside me. Leftover cum shot out of my kitten, and splattered her chest while she gulped down the cum pouring out of my ass. Mady scooped up the puddle that had settled between her tits, fed it to herself, then got on all 4's and puppy licked up the puddles on the bed. Her lil' cock was hard! I threw her down, mounted her, and dropped my asshole on her worthless little premarin dick (still 7"). The faggot's dick was bringing tears to my eyes again! As I fed Mady globs and puddles of cum from the bed, the pain turned to pleasure again, and I started slamming myself down on her cock. She was still sucking my cum glazed fingers, and started to moan, my kitten was tingling and could feel my body about to cum again. I was grinding on her dick, trying to make myself nut again,..and I felt a baby sized pop inside me. Mady stiffened, wimpered and twitched but I kept going. After about 30 seconds my ass started to BURN! Red Hot inside me! Mady was pissing inside me,..which was all I needed! *Gush* Fuuuuuuuk YES!

We "re-energized" ourselves, jumped in the shower, and packed our stuff! Fresh & Clean! We haven't eaten in days, and believe it or not, sounds great! Maybe like,....Applebee's...Yum!

I'm going to sleep for DAYS when we get home! Wish we could stay, but 9 days! I feel ripped off paying rent at home, lol. Besides, LOTS of our regulars at home need to cum!

It's been fucking awesome Chicago! I know our blog doesn't have many readers yet, but I wanna thank all the guys that came over! Thank you for your cum, it was SUPER fun, and we'll be back!
Next Trip,.....NYC (next month)



Monday, July 16, 2012

Only good for ONE thing...

In 4 hours we will have gone 9 days (2 more days than we had planned)! The room smells like LoveSpell, 420 and Latex, and the only light I've seen has been from Porn on T.V., or when somebody opens or closes the door. I wasn't able to post yesterday because my body gave out and I passed out,..while I was being fucked actually (but he left 2 $20 bills in my pussy, lol). I passed out for 18 hours and wasn't answering the phone or emails, but I NEVER turned the lock on the door, and it was ALWAYS propped. Still lots of men came over, and I woke up for most of them I think. Most had been here before during the past week, and knew what the situation was. Thanks to a very nice stranger, I'm FULL of energy, and have been answering emails and calls for the past hour. Tonight is our last night here, and I'm letting everybody know before I get offline and enjoy my last night. It's been fucking awesome btw!

Madysin has been energized (lol) the entire time,..and never passed out. I've heard her door opening and closing the entire time we've been here, but haven't talked to her since I passed out. Everytime it gets quiet for a second (when the DVD switches scenes), I can hear that little worthless faggette wimpering or somebody moaning. I'll know more about what that nasty bitch has been doing tomorrow...

I've taken 13 bath's, used 17 pair of stockings (that are now ripped to pieces), used almost all of the make-up I brought, and probably changed clothes (and heels) 20 times. My kitten and asshole are ripped, torn, raw and swollen, and no matter how much it hurts, they have both been constantly stuffed with toys when men aren't using them! I just re-did my make-up, and my eyeliner is already streaking down my face from tears. I probably woke up 20 times yesterday crying from pain. Everytime I'd open my eyes, somebody different was on top of me slamming their cock into me. I must have been loud, because I remember more than a few of them covering my mouth and "shushing" me. I can't remember his face (to be honest I didn't open my eyes much), but I remember he was holding my mouth shut, and grabbing my throat with the other hand, choking me while his cock ripped into my kitten! I felt a scalding hot gush of cum (thought it was piss at first) as he grunted and let his balls empty inside me. I could feel his salty babies stinging and burning my insides, and all I could do was cry! He jumped up, threw on his clothes and ran out like he was gonna get in trouble, lol. Even though I was sobbing, as soon as he left, I bent down and licked up the huge puddle that drained out of me.

I should have stopped after 7 days as planned, but I've taken something for the pain, and sent out the last mass e-mail for this visit. The last line of my e-mail reads : "No matter how much I scream and cry, and beg you to stop, DON'T STOP fucking me until you cum! Consider this written permission! ~Allysin". 

I sent the e-mail out like 20 mins ago, and I wanna make myself cum a few times before somebody gets here, so I gotta get back to the bed! (I can hear Madysin moaning as I write this.)


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pumped Full of Raw Cum (Night Vision)

We're Human Condoms. Cheap, disposable, made to wrap around cock, and anybody can cum inside us.
Can't type anymore. Can't keep my eyes open. Today is day 6.